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Servicing all makes and models

Our experienced workshop mechanics will keep your bike in premium condition. We service and repair all bike brands, old and new. You can also experience the difference that a professional bike fit can make to your ride with one of our certified bike fit specialists.

Choose and book your preferred service now using the HUBTIGER app, available to download on the app store or Google Play.

Additional Service Offerings

  • Fit tyre or tube off bike $15/wheel on bike $20/wheel
  • Fit bar tape $22
  • Adjust gears $15
  • Adjust brakes $15
  • Fit gear cable and adjust $20/end (cable not included)
  • Fit brake cable and adjust $20/end (cable not included)
  • Bleed brakes per end $35 including fluid
  • Tubeless conversion $30/wheell (fluid not included)
  • Fit tubless tyre and reseal $20 per wheel (fluid not included)
  • True wheel $30/wheel
  • Fit spoke and True Wheel $40/wheel
  • Re-spoke Wheel $70/wheel
  • Bottom Bracket Service or Replacement $30
  • Headset regrease $20
  • Wheel bearing Regrease $20/wheel
  • Fit Chain $30
  • Fit Cassette $30
  • Pack Bike in Bike Box $50
  • Fit Computer $25
  • Fit Pannier Rack $30
  • Fit baby Seat $30
  • DI2 software update $25
  • Bike Fit (standard bike fit) $60
  • All other labour charged at $88/hour

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to give us a call at Giant Bayside on (07) 3390 6221.




Kids bike service                                              
20inch bike and below



Safety check
Adjust brakes
Adjust gears
Minor wheel true (in bike)
Check tyre pressure
Lubricate chain



Silver service plus
Wheels trued and re-tensioned
Bike washed and drive chain degreased
Cassette taken off rear wheel and freehub cleaned and regreased
Retorque all bolts
Labour for new chain included



Gold service plus
Headset and BB regreased
Wheel bearings serviced
Sealant checked and top up (cost of sealant not included)
Labour to replace bar tape included in service
Hydraulic brake fluid top up
DI2 or E-Bike software update